Digital Dental Solutions

RxConnect Features

iPad of RxConnect

For BOTH the dental practice and laboratory, RxConnect provides:

  • Easier-to-read digital prescriptions
  • The elimination of hand-written prescription translation errors, therefore reducing patient rescheduling and costly remakes
  • A reduction in administration workload with automated email notifications
  • HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based prescription storage, replacing 7-year paper storage requirements
  • Electronic transmission and tracking of your case location
  • The ability to include special instructions and open space for diagrams
  • Easy and secure access to patient prescription history
  • An intuitive, powerful, easy to use system – RxConnect!

Additionally, for the dental practice, RxConnect provides:

  • A reduction in patient rescheduling, which improves patient retention
  • Autofill for doctor preferences and practice information
  • The ability to attach digital files to the prescription
  • Convenient and precise input of case order information
  • Dentist specific preference capabilities such as: crown metal designs, alloy requirements, interproximal and occlusal contacts, are some of the many available

Additionally, for the dental laboratory, RxConnect provides:

  • Advanced notice of incoming cases with auto-notification for case pickups via email
  • The elimination of need for costly prescription forms
  • The ability to update product lists and offerings instantly
  • Customized restoration menus for your individual lab
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